supplying building materials like fiber cement board

Since her establishment in 2013, Foshan Kam Chung Building Materials Co.,Ltd has been pursuing her dream and fulfilling the mission of supplying safe and green building materials to the world. After years’ endeavor, we have improved some traditional building materials and make them better in performance, like calcium silicate board, fiber cement board, wood grain siding board, super tile adhesive, joint mixture and sandwich panel. At the same time, we have cooperated with partners and invented some new material, such as composite structure coating sheet (something like outdoor wallpaper for different structures and objects).


Our products have many applications, for example, walling, flooring, ceiling, siding, coating and wall partition, for house, mansion, shopping mall, workshop, warehouse, container house and even temporary house. We believe this one-stop purchasing experience will not only save your money and energy but also your troubles.


We serve and we care. We are not just a company selling building materials, but also a partner who treasures our relationship and hopes that our products can help people make good buildings. If you share the same mission, contact us and let’s build up a green future together. 

1.     Calcium Silicate Board,fiber cement board,cement panel

2.     Fiber Cement Board,Calcium Silicate Board,cement sheet,

3.     Wood Grain Siding Board,wood texture cladding sheet,wood grain over-lapping panel,

4.     Ceiling Board,calcium silicate ceiling sheet,fiber cement ceiling panel,false ceiling

5.     EPS Foam Sandwich Panel,composite sandwich panel,cement foam panel,

6.     MgO Board,magnesium oxide panel,magnesia board

7.     Tile Adhesive,tile glue,brick bonding agent,plate mastic

8.     joint mixture,tile gap filling agent,joint sealing material,joint sealant,joint filler,putty


9.     Composite Structure Coating Sheet, outdoor wallpaper,structure covering sheet

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