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We are the super power pack system automatic packing machine manufacturer and exporter also we are the manufacturer of very modern technology, we can tell you what products we make in the machines. Salted almond cashew curry making chips Potato Chips Flour Besan Maida Crunchy PuffCorn Pulses and Pesticides Item Tea Sugar Oil Tomato Chutney Palm Oil Soap Detergent Biscuit Ala Mirchi Hummer, Coriander Garam Masal Can Mass Masala ETC .

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All Powder Packing Machine
We can pack a lot of powder packs from a machine of super power pack system. This is our model. Astra-56,Automatic form fill seal with volumetric Servo auger filler Machine has made Auger Filler in this machine for special powder you can pack from 30 grams to 500 grams of powder In this machine you have to set the Wet Accuracy with the machine display. In this machine, you can do sealing Strip 1 pouch 99 pouch Automatic cutting and other settings with all the display in this machine. Something most advanced features recipes recipes screen which typing the name of every product you can save is set 100 grams of the product second program set the third product of its 200 grams two hundred and fifty grams of 400 grams and 500 Grams ,
This machine, we want to do a small business for small business man who has made a low price machine for them. While making this machine, we have given a lot of attention to the fact that the front client has got the problem electrical. Named the sticker, the name of which is the name of the product, after which we gave the complete electrical diagram machine of this machine Land and are in operating the machine, which is the manual that also.
What products can pack from this machine Spices Powder Besan Powder Maida Powder Dough Detergent Powder Pharma City Powder powder can take a lot of range in this machine, but the fine powder should not have more than 6 percent motion in the powder. It can pack both fine powder and a little powdered powder.

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