7inch HD plastic shell supermarket video player loop push button lcd mall advertising display

  • 529 Mingzhou Rd, Beilun, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
1.Button Function: at most 12pcs no led buttons supported.
There can be at most 1300 files named from “F0000” to “F1299”.
When power on, it will auto loop play homepage files named “F0000,F0001 …F0099”.
When button K1 is pressed, files named “F0100,F0101,…,F0199” will be displayed.
When button K2 is pressed, files named “F0200,F0201,…,F0299” will be displayed.
When button K12 is pressed, files named “F1200,F1201,…,F1299” will be displayed.
2.Support single repeat, all repeat
3.Support 1080P HD decode
4.Auto-play when turned on with the SD/USB inserted
5.Select the picture slide effect to be “ON” or “OFF”.
6.Select and set the min volume of player, value: 0-100.
7.Support Rolling Caption
8.Super time switch function, it can auto turn on/off at a specific time
9.One key copy: USB->SD(Default model), SD->USB
10.Slideshow time can be set up by yourself
11.It can show the clock
12.Full function remote control, easy operation
13.Multi-Language OSD: English, Espaol, FRANCAIS, Italiano, Português, Deutsch, Pycckий

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