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  • 529 Mingzhou Rd, Beilun, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
1.Working mode: 
A. Auto-play when power on;    B. Button control display;
C. Custom control display;       D. RS232 control display
2.Button Options: at most 6pcs led buttons or 6pcs no led buttons
3.Super button function 1: user can define  “NO INTERRUPT” or “INTERRUPT” function in “autoplay.txt”
4.Super button function 2: User can define the sound output mode and volume of each file folder in “autoplay.txt”
5.Support Optical Out(digital signal output)
6.Support real 1080P HD decode and HDMI output
7.Homepage files will auto play and loop play
8.Support multi language OSD
9.Support 10 kinds of slide transition modes
10.Full function remote control, easy operation
11.Ideal for soundbar and TV promotion, widely used in Museums, Science Center exhibits, Store, Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Airports, etc.
12.Metal shell

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Metal shell auto loop play advertising USB player SD card USB media player

529 Mingzhou Rd, Beilun, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

1.Working mode: Auto play when power on 2.Homepage files will auto play and loop play 3.Support real 1080P HD decode, HDMI/VGA/CVBS output 4.Support Optical Out(digital signal output) 5.Support video seamless loop play 6.Support 14 kinds of slide transition modes 7.Support BGM(background music mode) 8.Video Output Mode: PAL, NTSC, HDMI_720P_50HZ(default), HDMI_720P_60HZ,… Read more…

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