Supermarket use slideshow time easy operating media signage

  • 529 Mingzhou Rd, Beilun, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
1.Support single repeat, all repeat
2.Support 1080P HD decode
3.Auto-play when turned on with the SD/USB inserted
4.Select the picture slide effect to be “ON” or “OFF”.
5.Select and set the min volume of player, value: 0-100.
6.Support Rolling Caption
7.Super time switch function, it can auto turn on/off at a specific time
8.One key copy: USB->SD(Default model), SD->USB
9.Slideshow time can be set up by yourself
10.It can show the clock
11.Full function remote control, easy operation
12.Multi-Language OSD: Chinese, English, Francais

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