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Popcorn is a popular food for all ages. It has a long history and a large consumer group. The market prospect is very large.Our company newly developed luxury type intelligent voice popcorn machine is a pure green convenient snack food equipment, this machine has the function of coin, the coin after just 90 seconds to produce delicious popcorn, fast and convenient, can put in high-grade hotels, discos, bars, cinemas, cafes, parks and other leisure entertainment and near large shopping plaza, supermarkets, schools, gear, night market and the playground and other places.Popcorn is the most fashionable leisure food in Europe and the United States. It contains the fiber, protein and mineral needed for daily digestion, without any artificial additives or preservatives.The machine is powered by 220V alternating current, and the high quality stainless steel frame is equipped with high-grade spray, which is sanitary and safe, with unique design and beautiful appearance.Intelligent temperature control operation module can be set according to different seasons.The whole popcorn burst process light reminder, is one of the most innovative food machinery in the market today.

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