Shot Bag Impactor 45Kg 46Kg

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Shot Bag Impactor

Reinforced leather bag filled with chilled lead shot.

Technical Data:

Weight: 45kg±0.1kg  46kg±0.1kg

Height: 330mm ± 13mm

Max diameter: 250mm

Leather thickness: 1.5mm

Lead sand size: 2.5mm

Customized: 25kg /48kg

The impacting shot bag is a reinforced leather bag filled with chilled lead shot, providing a total mass of 46±0.1kg. The bag is constructed either of 1.6 mm thick pliable leather with canvas laminated to the inside surface making a wall thickness of 2.4mm, or of thick pliable vinyl. A rubber bladder of 0.6 mm wall thickness is contained within the leather or vinyl outer shell and is filled with lead shot through a small hole in the upper portion. After filling, the rubber bladder is closed by tying with a cord or leather thong.

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