Tedlar gas sample bags,PVF gas sample bags

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Tedlar gas sample bags with one PTFE valve Size 6mm

Tedlar PVF gassampling bags are suitable for concentration analysits of PPM and PPB ranks,and they are widely used in analysis and detection in automobile VOC detection,petroleum and environment industries.They can store carbon monoxide(CO),sulfur dioxide(SO2),Hydorgen sulfide(H2S),benzene and radon mercaptan,hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvent etc. They have good corrosion and oxidation resistance.

Operating temperatrue for Tedlar PVF:from -30 degrees Celsius to +150 degrees Celsius


Technical Parameters:

Material of membrane: PVF polyvinyl fluoride

Production place of membrane: United States

Material of Valve : PTFE valve

Connecting hose of Valve (Valve size 6 mm): 5mm (inner diameter)*7mm (outer diameter)

Manufacturer of finished products: Shanghai Sunrise Instrument Co.,Ltd.

Brand: E-Switch

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