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Content 25: Canthaxanthin ≥25.0g/kg
Content 50: Canthaxanthin ≥50.0g/kg
Content 100: Canthaxanthin ≥100.0g/kg

Product Features

The product is red/dark red particles. It has good fluidity and is easy to mix uniformly. The particle size: 100% through a 20 mesh analytical sieve. It is safe, reliable, and stable to use. It also has a small amount of addition and excellent coloring effect.


The product is used for coloring poultry skin, shin and egg yolk, it can achieve bright and bright colors; it belongs to antioxidants, which can improve the immunity of animals, reduce the incidence, and summarize the birth rate and quality of animals, as a symbol of product quality, improve The market value of poultry products; to meet consumers’ requirements for food color.

Technical index


project index
Exterior Small red to brown particles
Canthaxanthin content, ≥ Label content
Lead, ppm ≤10.0
Loss on drying,% ≤8.0
granularity 100% through 20 mesh analysis screen


It is recommended to add 0~6 kg (content) 25)/0~3 kg (content 50)/0~1.5 kg (content 100) to each ton of poultry compound feed. The actual production should be increased or decreased according to specific conditions and relevant regulations .


This product is better for use with corn gluten meal, alfalfa meal or other red pigments; use it immediately after opening, do not store it under high temperature or strong light for a long time; recommend the dosage according to the specific situation of the customer.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
Packing: packed in composite carton, lined with aluminum foil bag, 5kg/bag, 20kg/carton.
Shelf life: 24 months.

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