Fully-automatic 3-25L BIB Bag Filling Machine Vitop Scholle Tap Bag in Box Filler

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Fully-automatic BIB Filling Machine | Bag in Box Filler


The Fully-automatic BIB Filling Machine | Bag in Box Filler is specially for filling spout-prepared bags with a wide range of liquids like drinking water, juice, milk, edible oil and beverage. It features fully-automatic by employing PLC and touch screen controlling system. The whole process of cutting apart from the fed continuous bags, delivering to heads for decapping, vacuumization (optional), nitrogen injection (optional), filling, capping and transiting to the conveyor can be completed automatically, no human operation required.

This filler can cap various spigots including Vitop and Scholle’s. It is designed with CIP (Clean in Place) function and circuit connection.



1. Fully-automatic (automatically and continuously feeding rolled bags, filling, capping and conveying).

2. Easy to use. The touch-screen control system makes operation easy.

3. Self-test and protecting function.

4. Electromagnetic flow meter system improves filling precision and truly achieves the quantitative filling.

5. Grade 304 stainless steel body and 316L stainless fluid-contact parts.

6. Filling a different capacity bag acceptable only by changing the setting.

7. Perfect spout clampping system ensures realiable running of the machine and meanwhile no damage to the bag spout.

8. Options of vacuumization and nitrogen injection available for specific products use.



Applicable bags: pre-cut continuous module or WEB type bags, spout-prepared, 3-25 liters. (Spout is called “gland” or “flange” too.)

Filling capacity:

500 bags/hour for 5 liters

400 bags/hour for 10 liters

300 bags/hour for 20 liters

Power: 3.0KW

Compressed air: 6-8bar, 1.5m3/h.



1. Automatically feed bags.

2. Automatically cut apart, decap, fill and cap bags.

3. Automatically exit filled bags.


Fully-automatic. Grade 304 stainless steel construction and grade 316L stainless steel fluid-contact parts. World famous brands of key components and many are imported.

We also supply the whole Bag in Box Packaging Line which includes the Bag in Box Filling Machine, Box Erector, Bag Inserter and Box Sealer, fully-automatic.


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