Fully-automatic N95 Respirator Making Machine Mask Production Line

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Fully-automatic Vertical-Fold Flat Mask Making Machine | N95 Respirator Production Line


This production line for producing vertical-fold flat N95 face masks and it makes 4-to-6-ply respirators/masks automatically by the following procedures.

1) Unwinding and feeding non-woven fabrics;

2) Welding and laminating fabrics;

3) Feeding and positioning nosepieces (imbedded);

4) Printing logo and text on one side of mask blank;

5) Feeding and welding earloops;

6) Folding masks;

7) Cutting the masks.


The above process is done automatically and continuously by PLC.



1) Fully-automatic.

2) High-speed and speed adjustable.

3) Multiple ultrasonic systems employed produce reliable welding.

4) Easy to use. The touch-screen control system makes operation easy.

5) Alarm when the fed material breaks or is in short.

6) A counting system makes the quantity of produced masks visible and make it possible to set the mask quantity of each stack for the conveyors.



Power: 10 kW

Capacity: max. 50 pcs/min

Weight: 4650 kg

Dimensions: 13,000(L)*2,000(W)* 2,100(H)mm

Site level: class 100000 cleanroom

Compressed air: 0.5-0.8MPa, pre-filtered, 305L/min

Fold symmetry: ±2mm

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