indexing drives

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The original CAMDEX cam indexing drive can realize multi-station intermittent indexer drive and sprocket drive. Precision is (±30 arc-sec). The maximum speed can reach 600 rpm. The cam adopts Japanese nut titanium material and SKF bearing. It has high and low temperature resistance and wear resistance. Its service life is long.Three dimensional detection of Cavl Zeiss in Germany.The flange type Indexing drives are similar to those of desktop indexing drive. They can withstand excessive axial load and vertical longitudinal pressure in driving operation. There is a convex fixed disk surface and large aperture hollow shaft at the output end. They can be equipped with dynamic and static automatic peripheral equipment, which can be used to set up power supply circuits of electricity, oil and gas pipelines. In the hollow hole. It is widely used for heavy loads, direct automation of various types of machinery and industrial machinery. For synchronous automatic intermittent drive.

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