Mold making, customized mold processing, tooling

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Mold making, customized mold processing, tooling

Jonsen Limited is an company who is specialized in business development field. If you are now has some businesses here in China. If you have new projects developing request, or raw material cost control request, we are here waiting for your enquires.

Molds design

Molds production

Plastic parts, rubber parts production

Customized metal parts processing

Screen cables processing

PCB production

SMT processing



We have an strong group which can provide complete products supply in different factories, aim to help cost reduction and quality control.



Jonsen specializes in tight tolerance parts, connector molds, high cavitation molds for packaging and medical industries.


All the molds we built are based on customer’s requirements and our innovation. We care for all the steps, from design to mass production, we always check how it can be better.


Our molds are high productivity and easy for maintenance, you will find it perfectly achieve your expectation.


Jonsen specializes in tooling and molding for Precision part, Multi-shot(Multi-K), Unscrewing, Thin wall and Encapsulation parts.


We use high quality material, major steel supply.


The mold drawing is the most important for each mold, any good mold is based on a good drawing, our designing engineers have very rich experience in the mold designing field, each engineer has worked in this field many years and has designed many different kinds molds, they always use their rich experience and responsibility to analyse and optimise each part drawing from our clients to reduce the probable risk. They can provide many good suggestions to customers and our mold makers.


Product material: Plastic, ABS/PA/PC/PP/PE/POM/NYLON/TPU/TPE


Cavity: multi cavity



Professional for customized molds

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