Proximity Card 125 Khz

Proximity Card 125 Khz is a typical type of RFID card for access control and identification, which worked at frequency of  125 kHz , with EM4100 chip embedded. Cost-efficient and contactless feature make it widely used as access control card, ID card in enterprise, business and government.


Main features:

•  86 mm x 54  mm, 0.90 mm thick

•  Contactless interface allow fast identification and check in/out.

•   High performance Etmel EM4100 chip embedded

•   Inkject ID number on the surface

•   White blank hard clameshell enclosure

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 offering for RFID Cards as:

125Khz ID Blank Card:$0.0.060<Ex-Work Price>

13.56Mhz FM1108 ISO PVC Blank Card:$0.0850<Ex-Work Price>

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