RFID Smart Cards

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Card Cube, founded in 2010, with headquarter in Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, have took up 20,000 square meters. Branch factory in Ningxia covers an area of 13,000 square meters in total. Over the years, we have been specializing in the R&D, design, production and marketing for smart cards, RFID wristbands ,RFID customized products, Intelligent locks and access control machines

With years of continuous exploration, Card Cubed now has thousands types of RFID products: bus cards, hotel cards, campus cards, ID cards, clamshell cards, inaly sheets, RFID wristbands, RFID keyfobs, metro tokens, laundry tags, asset management tags, RFID customized products, intelligent locks, access control machine etc. They are widely used in transport, finance, insurance, medical care, tax, school, gym, amusement park, hotel, tourism and other fields, help us continuously gain high reputation from our customers.

Card Cube


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