Single Shaft Concrete Mixer JDC350

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Single Shaft Concrete Mixer JDC350


Single Shaft Concrete Mixer JDC350 belongs to single-shaft forced mixer and mainly using for mixing fluidity, plasticity and dry hard concrete, and can mix all kinds of mortar and lightweight aggregate concrete.

Users can choose wheel type or fixed type, fixed type with a ton of mobile rollover is better, wheel type conversion site is convenient.

Single Shaft Concrete Mixer JDC350 can be widely used in small and medium-sized concrete prefabrication plant, highway, bridge, water conservancy wharf and civil engineering construction.

The mixer is well-designed, with excellent quality and good mixing quality. It is one of the representative products of our company and is highly appreciated and loved by users.

Product advantages:

The Single Shaft Concrete Mixer JDC350 has the following advantages:

1. Advanced CNC machining center, CNC equipment manufacturing, quality assurance

2. Imported ships sprayed technic, and processed by sandblasting

3. Welding robot imported from Europe, reliable welding quality

4. Import core components, good mixing quality


Product parameters

Single Shaft Concrete Mixer JDC350





Feed capacity


Max grain size of aggregates


Mixing time


Number of working cycles




Mixing shaft rotation speed


Hopper’s average lifting speed


Total motor power


Overall weight


Product details:

1.Feeding system

The feeding part of Single Shaft Concrete Mixer JDC350 is composed of lifting mechanism, upper hopper, loading rack, feeding funnel and other components.

2.Mixing system

The stirring device is composed of a mixing drum, a stirring shaft, a stirring blade and a shaft end seal. The mixing drum is an integral welding process, and two kinds of lining plates are installed in the cylinder, including 12 side lining plates and 77 curved lining plates. Use a countersunk screw to securely attach to the barrel. Due to the different degrees of contact between the aggregate and the liner, the wear of the liner is not uniform and can be exchanged to improve the use time of the liner.

3.Water supply system

Single Shaft Concrete Mixer JDC350 water supply system consists of motor, water pump, throttle valve, cleaning device, water spray pipe and so on. The water required to mix the concrete is sent to the water spray pipe by a water pump through a throttle valve, and the throttle valve regulates the flow of water.

4.Transmission system

Single Shaft Concrete Mixer JDC350 drive system is mainly composed of electric motor, mixing reducer, coupling and mixing shaft. The electric motor is directly mounted on an end surface fixed to the chassis of the rack, and the rear power is rotated by the gear and the linkage to rotate the stirring shaft for stirring.

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