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OEM high quality detergent powder for l’Africa market

Linyi City, Shandong Province, China

+86 18660999576

8.00-18.00 week days

We are a professional detergent powder/liquid manufacturer. We can produce the best quality products with your requirements. You can tell me your brand, packaging, detergent formula…any other requirements whatever you want. I can give you a favorable price. Nous sommes un fabricant professionnel de détergent en poudre / liquide. Read more…

Nadir Oil Refined Sunflower Oil & Vegetable Ghee

Nurdağı, Gaziantep, Türkiye

0090 552 333 99 99

09.00-17.00 - Sunday closed

Nadir Oil Refined Sunflower Oil & Vegetable Ghee As Nadir Oil Family, we manufacturer and exporter of Refined Sunflower Oil & Vegetable Ghee. Please visit our website and never hesitate to ask quotation. https://nadiryag.com/en/index.html We export +30 countries our products. Especially Africa Countries. We have branch in Djibouti. Read more…